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How to Report a Technical Issue

How to Report a Technical Issue

by Perkins Admin -
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Please provide as much specific information as you can when reporting technical/functional issues to Perkins eLearning. We can respond more effectively if we are able to know the type of issue you are having.

When you find something is not functioning as expected, please include the following information in your note:

1. What action you were trying to take.  Name the file you were trying to access; this prevents us from misunderstanding the file you were trying to access.
2. The steps you took to take that action, particularly, the last action you took before the unexpected results.

3. What did happen.
4. Any error message on-screen, from your own browser or system, or from within the workshop interface. Screenshots are helpful, but what we really need is the information that the system provided. Much of the time it explains what it happening. 
5. What browser you are using is helpful (Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, etc) for us to duplicate your issue.

Please use the Q&A Forum area, even for technical issues. This helps us track the information, and allows others who may also be having those issues to get information.  Check the Discussion Forum before reporting your issue.  Another student may have already opened a thread.

Please also note that your user names are lower case first.last

Once you reset your password, we can no longer see what you changed it to. if you are locked out of log-in attempts, we can reset your password. You can also use the "Forgotten your username or password?" feature on the front page. Clicking "Remember username" on the login page will make that "sticky" for you. You may also find it helpful, if you are working on a private computer, to have your browser remember your password for this site.

Perkins eLearning's support team is not able to answer questions about coursework or assignments.

Thanks very much.
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