About this tutorial...

This is a web-based, self-guided professional development activity for TVIs, VRTs, O&Ms, Parents, Teachers of the Deafblind or Severely Impaired, and Rehabilitation Specialists.

In this webinar, learn strategies for teaching clothing care skills to children with visual impairments. It will focus on the instruction of clothing care skills to enhance independence and self-esteem. After successfully completing the webinar and online test, participants will receive a certificate of attendance and 1.5 ACVREP or Continuing Education credits.


Participants will learn:

  • A range of activities that students can participate in - either at home or at school - to begin to be involved in learning: parts of garments and how they are properly oriented, laundry skills, folding and organization of clothes in dressers/closets, matching and coordinating
  • Adaptations and environmental modifications to increase student participation and independence these activities
  • Tips for clothing selection to make it easier for students at each age to participate in selecting outfits, matching, orienting, storing, sorting, laundering and organizing clothes